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Suhana Mutton Sukka Masala 25g Pouch

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Suhana Mutton Sukka Masala 25g Pouch

Mutton Sukka is a popular dish that originated in the coastal region of Maharashtra, known for its bold and flavorful cuisine. The dish is made with tender pieces of mutton (goat meat) cooked with a blend of aromatic and rustic spices to create a semi-dry, intensely flavorful dish. Mutton Sukka is typically enjoyed with chapatis or bhakaris, or even as a starter.

Overall, Mutton Sukka is a delicious and satisfying dish that is perfect for anyone who loves bold and spicy flavors. With Suhana’s Mutton Sukka Masala, making this signature Maharashtrian dish has never been easier.

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Mutton Sukka said to be originating from western India is a semi-dry dish with aromatic & rustic blend of spices. Use Suhana Mutton Sukka Masala to create an authentic Mutton Sukka. Enjoy with Chapatis or bhakaris or even as starter.

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