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Suhana Health Appego Premix Temple Tea 400g (20g Sachet*20 Pack)

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Suhana Health Appego Premix Temple Tea 400g (20g Sachet*20 Pack)

Appego Herbal Premix is a natural dietary supplement designed to boost appetite and support a healthy digestive system. It is specially formulated for individuals who are experiencing loss of appetite due to unhealthy eating habits or other factors.

The ingredients used in the premix, such as herbs and spices, are known to stimulate digestion and promote a healthy appetite. Regular consumption of Appego Herbal Premix can help maintain and regulate the appetite, which in turn can lead to better physical and mental well-being.

Whether you are recovering from an illness or simply looking to improve your eating habits, Appego Herbal Premix can provide the support you need to maintain a healthy appetite and digestive system.

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This premix helps in boosting your appetite. Unhealthy and irregular eating patterns can hamper the digestive system which may also result in loss of appetite. Low appetite can lead to physical and mental imbalance. Appego Herbal Premix helps in maintaining and keeping the appetite on a regular track.

Pack of: 20-sachet, 40-sachet, 60-sachet

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