Travel Bites: Delicious and Convenient Ready-to-eat Food for Your Adventure Trip Travel Bites: Delicious and Convenient Ready-to-eat Food for Your Adventure Trip

Travel Bites: Delicious and Convenient Ready-to-eat Food for Your Adventure Trip

Jul 04th 2023

Packaging thermal wear and necessary medications for camping and travelling to hill stations is one thing. It’s another to take healthy and gluten-free food if you can’t find any good dhabas on your way. Read here on why it’s best to take instant poha, upma and misal mix when you are travelling the next time.

Benefits Of Ready-to-eat Foods

    • Convenient and timesaving: Instant mixed food items are easy to prepare, hardly take ten minutes, and are light on your pocket too.
    • Extended shelf life: Packed foods will stay edible for more than six months. Hence, you need not worry about your food becoming stale as you pack for travel.
    • Portion control: You can’t eat much when you travel. Since packed foods come in small quantities, you can break your meals into different portions, which you can eat six times a day.
    • Nutritional value and variety of options: It’s important to have less spicy and oily foods which don’t upset your gut during travel. You can consume foods with good fat, so you don’t easily feel tired or starve in places with high temperatures.

There are plenty of ready-to-eat foods available, and you can also choose your favorite foods.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Ready-to-eat Bites

  1. Shelf life and storage
    Choosing canned foods is a wise move, as these will stay longer than what you prepare at home. If your vacation extends for over two weeks, take the food you can store for longer.
  2. Ingredients and allergens
    Check the ingredient list before buying food for travel. If these ingredients can make you sick during travel, avoid packing them. Do your research on what’s good to eat while you are on the road or on a flight beforehand.
  3. Dietary preferences and restrictions
    If you are allergic to nuts and can’t have chocolates or milk, you should take foods that don’t upset your stomach. If you are on a diet, consult your dietician before planning your vacation.

Popular Types of Instant Foods

  1. Energy bars and protein bars
    You may often see bikers having protein bars at pit stops. You can have these while you are on a hike to feel full and energetic. These won’t affect you in any way. If you are allergic to these, you can have nuts, dried fruits, chocolates and more!
  2. Trail mix
    Trail mix is a mixture of granola, nuts, dried fruits, and candy to help you be sustained all day since this is a rich source of trans fats and high fiber.
  3. Dehydrated meals
    Dehydrated meals include meat jerky and mushrooms, which you can pack for travel. The main reason for taking dehydrated meals is you can use them for up to two months without going stale while you are still on your tour!
  4. Dried fruits and vegetables
    Dry fruits like cashews, almonds, and dry grapes are wonderful to keep you hydrated and not feel dizzy when you are travelling. You can also take pumpkin seeds and vegetables like carrots, which can be eaten raw.

While you can pack these, packing instant Indian dishes can be much more fun! Read on to learn what Suhana has to offer.

How To Pack Travel Bites For Your Adventure Trip?

  1. Portability and weight
    The universal law for packing for an adventure trip is to pack light. If you plan to trek and be involved in other exciting activities, you must be mindful of what goes in your bag. Taking the right food products is also necessary so you don’t go hungry in higher altitude areas. Ensure the food packs are not too big or heavy to stuff inside your travel bag.
  2. Proper packaging and storage containers
    If you have instant readymade mixes, you can’t carry them in their original packing. Their covers might be flimsy, which will burst open with too much pressure. Hence, carry plastic containers or jars which are sturdy yet light so it’s easy to store and cook on the go.
  3. Easy accessibility
    You can’t keep the food packets down and dump everything in your backpack. Hence, keep a separate bag for food items or store these in bottles or jars in separate compartments.

Tips For Maximizing the Use of a Ready-to-eat Mix

  • Meal planning and preparation
    What if your entire week is filled with meetings at work? To make your life easier, you can plan your meals one week before and get instant mix packs, so you have enough time to relax and cook.
  • Mixing and matching flavours
    If you haven’t tried eating less spicy poha with misal, now is the time! Instant mix packs can be great for testing new combos you have never tasted!
  • Trying new brands and varieties
    What’s more exciting than trying the same instant poha mix from two brands? This will give you an idea of how each brand differs in taste and gives the best value for your money. Find below the top ready-to-eat foods from Suhana, which will make you come back for more!

Top Ready-to-eat Foods for Your Next Adventure from Suhana

  1. Instant poha
    Who doesn’t like poha, that’s light on your tummy and keeps you satiated till your next meal? Suhana’s instant poha mix is ready in eight minutes, with the richness of ground nuts, coriander and curry leaves, onions, turmeric, and mustard.
  2. Upma mix
    Semolina upma is one of the easiest breakfast options, which can be prepared within 20 minutes at home. Imagine how quick it will be to make this with our instant upma mix. Suhana’s mix also has onions, green chilli, curry leaves, mustard, edible sunflower oil, and cut dry ginger to make your semolina taste better.
  3. Misal mix
    Misal pav can be a delicious savoury on monsoon days. If you want to cook this in no time with medium spice levels and for an authentic misal mix, you must try ours as a quick breakfast fix.
  4. Dal tadka & jeera rice
    Craving dal tadka when there’s no ghee, dal, or anything you would add for this? No worries, you can make dal tadka just like home, from within a packet from us!
  5. Dal khichadi masala
    If you are working late and want a steaming cup of dal khichadi for an instant burst of energy, head to our website or a nearby store to deliver your khichadi mix, which you can prepare in no time!
    For fantastic instant cooking, visit our website to order your favourite mixes, enjoy COD and first-time offers, and pay less for combo packs!


  1. What are ready-to-eat foods?

    Ready-to-eat foods need no cooking or preparation time. You must add hot water and be ready to taste a dish in under ten minutes. It’s flavourful like your mother’s dishes at home!

  2. Are ready-to-eat foods safe to consume?

    If the brand you choose sticks to the regulations given by the food control board of that region, it’s safe to consume ready-to-eat foods. Also, before buying these, check the manufacturing and expiry dates.

  3. Can ready-to-eat foods be frozen?

    Most ready-to-eat foods can be frozen. It differs across brands. Check the label before stocking up on readymade mixes to store those cold.

  4. Where can I buy ready-to-eat food products online in India?

    Creating an account on Suhana Masala allows you to buy ready-to-eat food products on our website with exciting offers on your first purchase.

  5. What are the advantages of ready-to-eat foods?

    The advantages of ready-to-eat foods are that they’re time–saving, safe to use, easily available, convenient to use and is value for what you pay!


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