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Suhana Festive Special Feast Combo

this is a vegetarian product

Suhana Festive Special Feast Combo


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  • Suhana Pure Cow Ghee 500g Jar
  • Suhana Biryani Masala 200g Pouch
  • Suhana Chhole Masala 200g Pouch
  • Suhana HING 50g DB
  • Suhana Kitchen King Masala 200g Pouch
  • Suhana Palak Paneer Spice Mix 50g Pouch
  • Suhana Paneer Butter Spice Mix 50g Pouch
  • Suhana Paneer Tikka Spice Mix 50g Pouch
  • Suhana Pavbhaji Masala 200g Pouch
  • Suhana Shahi Garam Masala 200g Pouch
  • Suhana Shahi Paneer Spice Mix 50g Pouch


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  • Shahi Garam Masala 50g Box: Experience the regal flavors of Indian cuisine with this premium shahi garam masala blend.
  • Chhole Masala 50g Box: Infuse your chhole dishes with a medley of spices and flavors for a satisfying meal.
  • Paneer Tikka Mix: Impress your guests with restaurant-quality Paneer Tikka.
  • Suhana Pure Cow Ghee 500gm jar: The heart of Indian cooking, our pure cow ghee adds richness and depth of flavor to your dishes. With the convenience of two jars, you have ample ghee to fuel your culinary adventures.
  • Shahi Paneer Mix: Experience the richness of Shahi Paneer in your own kitchen, complete with its creamy and royal flavors.
  • Hing Powder 50g: Hing, also known as asafoetida, is a pungent spice used to add depth of flavor to many
  • Veg Biryani Mix: Craft a fragrant and flavorful vegetable biryani that will tantalize your senses with each bite.
  • Palak Paneer Mix: Enjoy the wholesome goodness of Palak Paneer, a spinach-based curry with tender paneer.
  • Chhole Chana Mix: Cook up a hearty and flavorful Chhole Chana curry, a North Indian classic.
  • Kitchen King Masala 50g Box: A versatile spice blend that’s your all-in-one solution for enhancing the flavor of various vegetable dishes.
  • Authentic Indian Flavors: Elevate your dishes with the true taste of India.
  • Versatile: Perfect for festive occasions, family gatherings, and everyday cooking.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: We source only the finest spices for your culinary delight.
  • Convenient: All your essential spices in one combo, saving you time and effort.

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